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3D Sound

The 3D Sound is an italian band founded in 2015 near Turin. It's formed by the DeeJays Sergio Datta and Maurizio De Stefani and by the musician Andrea Demarchi. The name of the band derives from the surnames of the members, which all begin with the letter 'D', hence the name 3D Sound.
Our idea is to compose new EDM songs for radio industry, to dance in clubs, to hum in the car or to listen while brushing your teeth...

Sergio Datta

He has been playing records since 1981. His constant and uninterrupted research activity towards new forms of expression in the music and multimedia field has allowed him to grow and train artistically and to be always very active and updated on the nightclubbing trends, which you know, are evolving rapidly.

Being a "speaker" DJ, in all these years he had the opportunity to present characters and attend performances of the most varied genres: stand-up comedians, singers and bands, rockstars, dancers, musicians, show stars, street artists, etc., etc. , proposing each time to capture the essence of what he saw and felt, whatever could enrich his wealth of experience.

He has several collaborations and over 50 record productions to his credit: the very first experiences in this field date back to 1984 but it is since '91 that he has dedicated himself continuously. EMI, SUBWAY, UMM, EDEL, NEW MUSIC, EYS and DDE are some of the labels he has recorded for.
Among the productions to be mentioned in particular those that have been for the longest time in the Italian and international charts: W.GARCIA "Sexo Sexo", the "VOYAGER" project with Gigi D'Agostino, the double DIVINE DANCE EXPERIENCE "To the rhythm" with Mixo, the SUPERCLUB project with Maurizio De Stefani, the participation in the soundtracks of the films "LUCE DEI MIEI OCCHI" (Luigi Lo Cascio and Silvio Orlando) with the song "Maybe one day" and "Frog" (animation) with the remix of "Evilmania" by GRACE JONES and recent productions with the historic producer Mike Generale and those with De Stefani and Andrea Demarchi, including PLANET LOVE and EVERYTHING YOU WANT.

He has played in many clubs and numerous important one-night events including SAVE THE PLANET, STAY RUDE, POST PURITANISH, CABARET VOLTAIRE, GLAMORAMA and TRENTA ORE PER LA VITA for Italian TV.

He highly appreciates the contaminations and the new sounds: his greatest satisfaction is being able to bring them to the general public. He likes to be called an eclectic artist, and actually knows how to perform his work in different situations and not just behind a console. This characteristic comes from a long and uninterrupted activity and from an innate prerogative not to fossilize on a specific genre: the boundaries of music are so vast that it is impossible to define and schematize them.
This concept reflects his style, he often escapes the standards and sometimes someone is difficult to classify him but anyway ... he likes it that way !!! The important thing is to always have the creativity and strength of your ideas and for this reason, you are also passionate about artistic direction, organization and presentation of events.
Currently, in addition to playing in clubs, he is a member and founder of DISCO2DISCO and JUST4DEEJAYS (from 2017) and from 2019 conductor of the HISTORICAL DISCO BACK TO DANCE program on RADIO SHAKE HIT.

Andrea Demarchi

Andrea Demarchi

Since I was a child I have been tied to the world of music, at 3 years old I "played" the open strings of a battle guitar of a friend of my parents. Of course I wasn't absolutely new to Mozart but at least I was just able to keep time pretty good (at what they tell me). At 12 I always started strumming that glorious guitar, learning the infamous C turn. Starting from this base I followed classical guitar courses even if the electric one fascinated me more. So I convinced my parents to buy me a legendary Fender Stratocaster U.S.A. and my first 20W amp that I pump to the maximum for the happiness of the neighbors...
It is the age of the first friends bands, where even those who cannot play improvise themselves drummers or bassists "you only have to make the main note of the chord ...".
Thanks to my middle school music teacher I approach the synthesizers and I become a self-taught keyboard, not at pianist level, but  I was able to play some chords and some "riffs"in a good way.
It is in high school that I know Davide Berta, with whom we start writing the first dance songs. It's 1994 and that's how I got into electronic music. I used a PC (the 286 first then the Pentium) and the "Voyetra" program a midi sequencer to record. The tracks are nice, but our opportunity to publish them does not come, rather it is Davide who leaves for an incurable disease from this life but certainly not from my heart. It's 1997.
For a while, I can't write, you know, music reflects your soul.

In 1998 I decided to lend a hand as a sound engineer (yes, this too), to the Music All group, a group of 14-18 year olds, who ventures with musicals playing and singing live. The direction is by the teacher Danilo Vaira from whom I learned a lot and the scores on which we read are signed by A.L. Webber, not the last of the composers ... and this is the place where I also know Francesco Colletto and Simone Panetto, with whom I found, together with Matteo Carola and Marco Benazzo an electronic rock group, returning to write music again, the "Feedback". After having fun for a few years playing in various shows in Canavese and in Val d'Aosta our adventure with this group ends but we continued together in a theater company called Andromeda in Ivrea starting from the year 2000. This time it's my turn to try my hand at musical, as a singer, followed by the teacher Martina Cizniarova and directed by the teacher Danilo Vaira. I sing different parts in the musicals "Jesus Christ Superstar" and "Grease", choreographed by Laura Sovrano. Here I have the opportunity to sing in important theaters such as the Giacosa di Ivrea or the Palais de Saint Vincent.

Since 2006 I have played in several clubs, uplugged rock genre, with my guitarist friend Claudio Castagna, singing and interpreting songs from the "creedence clearwater revival" (do you remember "Have you ever seen the rain?" Or "Fortunate son"?) and also interpreting the legendary 60s and 70s Italians with Enrico D'Amico, offering covers of unforgettable artists such as Battisti, Morandi, Ranieri, etc.
In 2013 I returned to interpret several songs of the "Jesus Christ Superstar" in Montalto as a singer, collaborating with Danilo Vaira, Gelsomina Barasa and Cristina Desahayes.
Over the years I have continued to write songs that for now have not yet seen the light but who knows ... With the precious help of keyboardist Davide Cristofoli I continue the production of music of various kinds.
We are nowadays and the opportunity presents itself with Sergio Datta and Maurizio De Stefani; old electronic music ideas from my 90s come to life and new dance, house and commercial compositions such as Planet Love (2015) and Sabor Latino (2016) are born in collaboration with the singer Marta Cesare. These songs are produced by W.A.T.N. Records of Turin, independent music label created by the well-known DJ-Producer Walter Benedetti.
Several remixes of these 2 tracks are made by the DJs: Kristian Rovier, Giò Damiani, Maurizio Franchi, Walter Benedetti, DJ Mollo, Robby Rave, Niccolò Errico.
Saxsex, the third single produced by W.A.T.N. Records, written with Sergio Datta and Maurizio De Stefani, a club track, with sax riffs and an unexpected and sensual female live performance. This song wasremixed by Ice Creams group and by Fredrikson DJ. The song is appreciated by several Piedmont radios, in particular by Sergio Flash who broadcasts it from the radio frequencies of Radio Veronica One and where the song reaches 11th position in the standings, remaining in the program schedule for almost 3 months. In 2018 I write and vocally interpret Believe, a pop-dance song with interesting synthesizer sounds that emulate a female voice during the chorus. The arrangements and the writing of the track are by Sergio Datta and Maurizio De Stefani.
In 2020 we give birth 3D Sound group, taking inspiration from the surnames Datta, DeStefani and Demarchi which all 3 begin with the letter 'D'.
The rest of the story ... well that hasn't been written yet, maybe you reading this will be a part of it.

Maurizio De Stefani

Maurizio De Stefani

I started in 1978 as a radio DJ and since 1979 also a "disco DJ". I have several collaborations and about forty record productions: my first record dates back to 1982 "Space Operator" 4M International paired with Maurizio Di Maggio, still on sale on various internet portals, but it is since '91 that I have dedicated myself to it continuously. EMI, SUBWAY, UMM, EDEL, NEW MUSIC, EYS and DDE are some of the labels I have recorded for. Among the productions I would mention: W.GARCIA "Sexo Sexo", the "VOYAGER" project with Gigi D'Agostino, the double DIVINE DANCE EXPERIENCE "To the rhythm" with Mixo, the SUPERCLUB project with Sergio Datta, the participation in the soundtracks of the film "Luce dei miei occhi" (Luigi Lo Cascio and Silvio Orlando) with the song "Maybe one day" and "Frog" (animation) with the remix of "Evilmania" by GRACE JONES. I played and I play in many locals... CAPRICCIO (STRAMBINO) -FREE TIME (CHATILLON) -SING SING (PONT ST.MARTIN) -PALLADIO / MIXO (IVREA) -OASI (VIVERONE) L'ULTIMO IMPERO(AIRASCA) -PALACE ( TURIN)-AREA (TURIN) -CHEZ NOUS (MONCALIERI) -DUE (CIGLIANO) -SPACE A4 (SANTHIA ') - IL CANCELLO (BIELLA) -MILU' (IVREA) -JAMMING / MAI GAD (IVREA) -FELLINI (POGLIANO MILANESE ) -CAFE 'ATLANTIQUE (MILAN) -LUCE DISCO CLUB (LODI) -PEPI BOOM (MONTALTO DORA) -COCO PULE' (CASTELL'APERTOLE) .... and numerous important one-night events including SAVE THE PLANET, TRENTA ORE PER LA VITA, STAY RUDE, ZOCCOLA and the recent QUEI BRAVI RAGAZZI  and C'ERA UNA VOLTA IL DUE ANNI 90 ... a phrase that I carry around from the beginning (which is also a 70s song by RITCHIE FAMILY ..) is ... "LIFE IS MUSIC".

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